2016-2017: Nereida Lobo


My name is Nereida Lobo, I was born and raised in the African Islands of the Republic of Cape Verde, experiencing the rich culture of the tropical climate of West Africa. I believe this initial exposure to the beauty of nature and life endeared me towards appreciating and loving people and has stayed with me till this day. I am honored and delighted to represent the paradise islands of Cape Verde. I moved to the United States when I was 11, and it opened up my world to a new journey of life and experiences. As the oldest of five siblings, I have always learned to take responsibility not just for myself but for others and set examples. With this passion I intend to impact the lives of all those I come across especially children.

As a contestant on the 2016 Miss Africa-USA pageant, I am sharing my mission to help better prepare African Children to compete globally. I plan to do this because every day that passes without equipping African children with the tools to compete globally, is an additional day that African children must remain oppressed by their more advanced counterparts in other parts of the world. And quite honestly, we owe it to all of our children a voice in this world, and a sitting place at the table of global influence and decision makers. We owe it to our children the guidance that transforms their minds into leaders, and enhances them into voices of change for their generation, and generations to come.

To accomplish this, I will be advocating for our children adequate school supplies, and information tools that would allow them to use their imagination in a powerful way. Through initiatives of African countries committed to shielding our children from ignorance and equipping them with the passion to pursue knowledge, we can set Africa on the path of being a great contributor, and competitor in the globe. As contestant of Miss Africa-USA pageant, or the reigning Miss Africa-USA, I would be better positioned to share, and work on my vision and my platform of Helping Africa Become a Place of Great Pride.

Apart from these aspirations I try to make time for fun. I play soccer, I like to dance Kizomba music, and enjoy the thrill of traveling; I have always loved it simply because I love learning new languages and appreciating different cultures. Presently, I speak four languages, Créole, Portuguese, English and Spanish. Language is such an important part of my life because I have learned it bridges gaps and connects people together from all walks of life. I graduated from the Washington Adventist University, with a bachelor’s of science degree in Counseling Psychology. I am hoping to pursue my Masters in 2017.

Thank You for this opportunity, and I am counting on your help to promote a generation of leaders, through access to adequate school supplies, education, and information so they can surely compete globally as Our Children of Africa.