Representative Mike Glanton, who has served over the years as honorary Adviser to the Miss Africa USA Pageant, he has been a great sponsor and a great motivator for this Pageant. It is a great honor that he will be joining us from the great State of Georgia on August 29 2015 at the Fillmore Theater.

A war veteran, Mike Glanton is retired from the United States Army. He and his wife Pearla live in Jonesboro where they raised five children and now enjoy thirteen grandchildren.

Mike has proven he can deliver results to our community. He is actively involved on school committees, the Clayton County Chamber of Commerce, the Clayton County Grassroots Leadership Institute and Clayton County Economic Development initiatives. As our Representative he serves on the Appropriations, Defense & Veterans Affairs, Education and Public Safety and Homeland Security Committees.

Mike is the Chief Operating Officer of a recruiting company and serves our community as host of six major community events.

The Glantons are members at New Life Christian Church where Mike is a licensed, ordained minister and pastor. He is the President of the Clayton County Minsters’ Conference and co-founded the Coalition of Clayton County Clergy.