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Meet Meron Wudneh Miss Africa USA 2014



My name is Meron Wudneh. I am honored and delighted to represent Ethiopia, an ancient African country with amazing bio diversity, people who take pride in preserving their diverse culture, it’s great warriors, Kings and Queens! I love dancing our traditional dances Eskista, playing sports and bringing visibility to our culture through fashion which inspired a greater love of modeling. I model in NY, and also work in MD for Montgomery County in the field of healthcare and recreation where we develop youth programs. I completed my studies with a full ride at Bowie State University and earned a Bachelors’ in Health and Sciences and played Women’s Basketball.

Since I was a child growing up in Ethiopia I always had the desire to help people, especially kids. When I graduated high school I realized that I had served 1,000 hours of community service helping kids at my neighborhood community center. Almost two years ago, I founded my non-profit called Kids First Ethiopia. Kids First Ethiopia sends schools supplies, clothes, shoes, and other miscellaneous items to kids that have suffered the loss of their parents to HIV/AIDS and/or are homelessness.

Last year, I stayed in Ethiopia for 6 months working alongside established NGO’s such as Mary Joy Foundation, to support the efforts of other who are passionate about supporting the needs kids. I learned how one person can truly change a child’s future.

Please join me on my journey to continue this effort to serve more kids in our beautiful motherland!

Thank you all for your support!