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 Meet The Queen: Snit Tewoldemedhin

Miss Africa 2023

My Name is Snit Tewoldemedhin, I moved here 4 years ago and I’m a senior neuroscience Student. I play basketball and Tennis and I enjoy dancing salsa sometimes. I speak 3 languages ( Italian, English and Tigrigna) fluently and 2, at an intermediate level ( Amharic and French). While doing my studies I’m also a teacher at a Montessori Preschool because I enjoy working with children.
My younger sister has down syndrome and has learning disability. Maria Montessori, the founder of the school I work in, inspired me with how she used her doctorate position to create toys that are educational for children with special needs. Like her, I would love to use my neuroscience degree as well as this platform to make connections and plan to open a school that primarily accommodates children like my sister. Just like we don’t expect a handicapped person in a wheelchair to go up the stairs, but instead we build wheelchair accessible buildings, I would love to make adjustments to our current curriculums and make them successfully achievable for children with special needs.
As mentioned above, I would love to make the headquarters of my future school in Africa, and have branches of it around the world. I plan for the curriculum of the school to implement the importance of peace through teaching, role modeling and books to create confident peace oriented future leaders. Last but not least, I would love for the school to be an example to my fellow Africans, diasporas and foreigners that this time we will make sure that people don’t flee of the country to get education but rather stay to get educated in our homelands, and even create study opportunities for those that come out of Africa. It will also create foundation for our own African people to use their education to build their home land and continent.