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Michele Tchindje

I am a recent engineering graduate from the University of Oklahoma, a Senior Data Analyst, and the International Chair for the National Society of Black Engineers. While more than half of my life has been spent in the United States, I am fully connected both physically and spiritually to the roots of my dear country, Cameroon. I was born in our wonderful capital, Yaoundé, until I moved to the United States at the age of nine with only five English words in my vocabulary. While transitioning to a different country at a young age was not easy, it allowed me to learn the importance of adaptability.
One phrase that I have always carried with me is: “To whom much is given, much is expected.” This quote alone has served me as a reminder that I must keep going, no matter what. That there are expectations I must meet in order to inspire the next generation of Africans that they can achieve whatever it is that they set their minds to. Being the next Miss Africa USA will not only help me achieve the humanitarian goals I have for our youth, but it will also allow me to grow closer to our next generation as a role model and representative.
As an advocate for our youth and the International Chair for the National Society of Black Engineers, my humanitarian goal is to give back to our youth. A journal article published by the Environmental Research and Public Health highlights the importance of women having access to menstrual hygiene practices. Because the majority of African countries are considered third world countries, it would only be equitable for me to give back by educating our youth about menstrual cycles through an initiative with a team. My second humanitarian goal pertains to my passion: STEM. Before I became an engineer, it was a dream of mine to become one. Now that I have recently graduated, I want to inspire our youth to build an interest in STEM in Africa. The field of engineering has provided me with more opportunities than I can account for and I would like to inspire our youth to build an interest in this passion of mine, should they choose to do so.