Miss Africa USA Gets a Guided Tour of Medshare International Warehouse in Georgia

Miss Africa USA Gigi Tchouaga gets a guided tour of Medshare International led by Mr. Eben Tah of Medshare.  Mr Eben Tarh who is the Director of  Biomedical Engineering at Medshare is in charge of ensuring that all equipment that get shipped out of Medshare to other countries is in good working condition with a manual and will serve its purpose.  Mr Eben who is originally from Cameroon was very thrilled indeed to receive Miss Africa at Medshare and guide her through the warehouse so she could see for herself the existing inventory and learn more about what goes on behind the scenes at the Medshare warehouse.

After a great session volunteering at Medshare, Queen Gigi was excited to see and learn more about Medshare warehouse.   Mr. Eben Tarh wasted no time in taking the Queen and Miss Africa Pageant team members around the warehouse.  Walking through sections of  ready to go boxes packed with medical supplies,  shelves stacked with medical equipment, wheelchairs and hi tech operating tables, the list is endless.  Mr. Eben took the opportunity to also introduce the staff who work very hard behind the scenes at the warehouse to load up the containers and destined for the various countries around the developing world.

Mr Eben shows off some of the medical devices and adaptive equipment at Medshare warehouse.

Introducing staff who work behind the scenes at the Warehouse , all part of the great team who make it happen at Medshare.

Mr. Eben shows off this state of the art Operating table at the Medshare warehououse.