MISS AFRICA USA PAGEANT: Promotes Individual Talent and Self Expression

Over the years of its existence, the talent segment of the Miss Africa USA competition has been a permanent feature of the pageant which generates a lot of excitement from the audience but most importantly offers the pageant delegates an opportunity to explore their own inborn talent as well.  A lot of people have talents that they don’t know about and if given the opportunity they would excel.  The pageant aims to bring out the best in every participant and the talent competition is one of those areas that requires a lot of creativity and originality.

Pictured above is Miss Ghana representative Priscilla Boateng who finished the pageant in 3rd Place as 2nd Princess to the Queen.  Her entrance on stage for the talent segment was certainly very mind blowing. She presented as an African Queen, carried on a bench by two Mandingo men as you can see from the pictures.

She engaged in spoken word about the beauty of Africa. This special presentation never left the minds of many who witness her act, how original and thoughtful it was. Her performance certainly won the hearts of the Judges.

Pictured above is the reigning Queen, Fifi Soumah on stage with a Poem titled ‘The Girl in Me’.  Elegantly dressed and gracing the stage in confidence she told told the story of ‘The Girl In Me’ a poem she wrote herself about the challenges of growing up as a little girl in a troubled world. You had to be there to feel the impact of this act, she received great applause for her act finished off with a call for women to never give up the fight and never give up hope.

Spoken word was certainly very popular with the Judges this year, as most of the top 5 winners actually performed spoken word for their talent.  Singing was also popular with some of the delegates. Pictured above is Mameisia Kabia representing Sierra Leone, who placed in the top 15 of the competition. Dressed in the most gorgeous while evening gown, she stunned the audience with her beautiful voice.

Meet Natasha Beckley, the first runner up, also known as the Deputy Miss Africa USA performing Spoken word, a poem she had also written capturing the past of the Black  powerful Black woman in America today.  She is an acclaimed poet and has a great collection of poems in her portfolio.  This young lady is certainly very gifted in this field of poetry and will certainly go places.

And to conclude this post on the Miss Africa USA Talent competition, we end with the winner of the Spokes Model Award, Miss Gnima Diop representing the beautiful country of Senegal.  Gnima clearly stood out in her ability to master her spoken word, speaking with conviction, passion and confidence, a performance which earned her the title of Miss Africa USA Spokes Model, a title she is now using to advance her career as a motivational speaker. I believe she will do very well indeed as a public speaker.

Generally this year Spoken Word certainly did it for the Judges as well as thrilled the audience. Bear in mind that there were other beautiful acts such as singing and dancing and more.  The Delegates did their very best to stick to African themes and cultures while being very entertaining as well.

If you missed the show this year, you can order the video and watch it in the comfort of your own home at $10 each.  Simply send an email to info@missafricaunitedstates.com to place your order.