The Miss Africa USA Pageant Salutes Miss Leila Lopes crowned Miss Universe 2011.  The 25 year old Beauty Queen from Angola wowed the judges and the millions of viewers around the world with her beauty, reverence and humility, majestically walking her way to sit at the Pinnacle of Beauty as Miss Universe.

When she was announced, I could see the google search engines getting active, searching for Angola, where the hell is that Country, where in the world is Angola, some media reports even got her country wrong and said she was from Uganda or else where because they are ignorant about Africa.  Miss Leila’s win brings new hope for Africa, for our young African and black women as a whole to know that they are all beautiful and if placed on a level playing ground, their beauty surpasses all, the kind of beauty that radiates from inside out.

Like the Queen she already was, Miss Angola 2010 as she had competed and won her National title, Miss Leila will no doubt continue her humanitarian work she was already doing but this time, with such a huge crown on her head, she gets a bigger platform to do her work and touch millions of lives.  Africa is proud of Leila and there are many more beautiful African girls out there who will top the charts if given such an opportunity and judged in fairness.

Miss Africa USA Pageant organization Salutes Miss Leila Lopes and wish her well in her one year reign as Queen of the Universe and she is African.

You are invited to watch the CEO of Miss Africa USA Pageant talking about the significance of Miss Leila’s win and the future of African Beauty Pageants on VOICE OF AMERICA TV.



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