The Criteria for Judging Miss Africa USA Pageant are very simple.
The Pageant Organization Selects Judges carefully.
Judges are usually role models themselves from different backgrounds, they are people with high integrity.

Pageant Segments to be Judged are as follows:


 Presentation of Platform / Micro Project

Delegates will present their platforms and briefly describe the micro project which benefits a community in need in Africa or the United States of America.


Traditional African Girl Presentation

All Delegates will showcase the unique traditional African girl look from their country of origin.
All Delegates will Showcase the National colors of their country of origin.
Delegates will be judged on: originality and creativity.


Fashion Parade

This segment is sponsored by designers and will focus on contemporary African Couture
Delegates will be judged on stage presence, personal style, beauty and elegance


Parade of Nations

Each Delegate Presents the Colors of her Country in a beautiful Fashion Parade of colors.



Delegates will showcase an artistic expression of their choice.
Delegates will be judged on creativity, originality, ability to entertain and engage the audience.


Top Five Delegates Interview

Delegates will answer a question on current affairs in Africa, the United States of America or the World. Delegates are expected to be versed on what is going on around the world, these questions will require
opinions about current affairs.