Miss Gabon || Snell Ondzaghe Mba

My name is Snell Ondzaghe Mba, and I am representing one of the beautiful countries situated in Central Africa which is Gabon. I reside in Gaithersburg, Maryland. I am a student at Montgomery College Rockville, and I am majoring in Cyber Security. In the future, I would love to work with computers since digging in Computer is one of my passion. However, I would lie if I admitted that following this path is my first choice for my life career. In another word, I have a big passion for Fashion, and I would love to be a supermodel, creating my brand and my magazine. I am a big dreamer, and even though the dream I am carrying with me every day seems daring and impossible to accomplish, I sincerely know that I will work hard to make it happen. I know that I have the courage, the energy, the patience, the devotion, and the strength required to get what I want in life through my hard work. During my spare time, I like to take pictures, doing my photoshoot; I enjoy working with people as well. Also, I love going to the movie theatre, hiking, ice-skating, rollerblading, shopping, drawing and writing. I decided to create a “Creative Pageant” as my Platform. My platform has for objective to focus on teenagers, and help them to show up their creativity to the world. Creative pageant offers teenagers to compete with each other on different activities such as dancing, singing, writing, acting, art, and others. As I am aware of the degradation of morals, my platform is a way to get teenagers out of this cycle in some ways. In other words, with my rig, teenagers will have a way to occupy themselves and have some goals for the summer. It can prevent or reduce the fact that because of boredom, they will find themselves in bars and parties drinking alcohol, and smoking.  I agree that my platform looks like talent shows that already exist I, Africa. However, I do not see any waste of creating another since the primary purpose is to help my people.