Miss DR Congo || Tendresse Messa

The Democratic Republic of Congo is represented by the elite women herself, Tendresse L. Messa. Daughter of Bonbon Fifi, ledgedary actor & Mireille Makalebo Messa, community activist & socialite, the love for her country and the  continent of Africa runs deep.
She is the former Miss Congo North Carolina 2016 and Current Miss DRC USA 2018.
She began her run in pageantry to expand her nonprofit organization that she start at the age of 19 with the help of her mother. Miss RDC USA's nonprofit 4Congo, has helped the Congo is 4 different ways; Public safety, women's health, child education and Jobs for locals. She and her nonprofit organization have provided much needed supplies to women and children shelters, funded vaginal surgeries to women seeking help at the panzi hospital, sponsored children seeking primary education and so much more!
She has been able to do so much within her country, and has been able to have an impact on the DRC on a personal, social, educational and economical level. As your Miss Africa USA 2018 she would like to do the same across the  continent of Africa by equipping shelters, school and churches with the nessesary equipment for personal and communial growth.
Her methods have been proven in the Democratic Republic of Congo as impactful and important. As your Miss Africa USA 2018, she will do the same across Africa because she understands that we are stronger together than we are apart; especially if our strongest weapon is our mines.