Miss Zimbabwe || Natalie Katherine Mushore​

Natalie Catherine Mushore was born on  December 14, 1995, in Harare, Zimbabwe. She has lived in 3 different continents within the past five years and takes pride in not only being a Zimbabwean but a global citizen. She received her formal education at, The Heritage School, where she studied the British curriculum and found her passion in modeling and performing arts. While In high school, she was a studious, well-mannered and a respected individual. Throughout her time at Heritage, she annually took part in the Eisteddfod and National Allied Arts Speech and Drama Festival. Her time in high school polished her into the young lady with poise, etiquette, and grooming qualities that have enabled her to represent Zimbabwe for the Miss Africa USA pageant held in Maryland,USA  this year.

When she was 18 years old, she moved to Melbourne, Australia and studied her tertiary education at Monash University, where she completed two years of her double degree in French Studies and Global Studies. While she was in Australia, she assimilated into Australian culture and worked at notable events such as the Australian Open in 2016, and worked at the Melbourne Racing Club where she was further challenged into interacting with prominent members of Australian Society. Unfortunately, her stay in Australia was short-lived, and she was unable to complete her studies due to the untimely passing of her mother, Tabeth Mavunga-Mushore which forced her to take a break from her studies.

Losing her mother prematurely, encouraged Natalie to move to the United States in search of a new start and greener pastures. While taking a break from her studies and grieving her mother, she spent time working with children with Autism due to her experience with her younger brother with moderate Autism. Her experience working with children with autism has taught her that love, empathy and compassion are qualities that we should all embrace and practice!

Currently, she resides in Los Angeles and works at the famous Huckleberry Cafe. Natalie intends on continuing with her tertiary education at UCLA in the fall on 2018 while exploring her passion for travel and working with children.

As a young Zimbabwean lady who has had to assimilate into different cultures and societies at a young age, she believes that we were all created to unravel the highest, most authentic expression of ourselves. With that said, she stands firm in expressing her authentic self that is not dictated by societal norms or cultural prejudice. Miss Africa USA is an excellent platform that will allow her to educate, empower and emancipate children, notably the children at the Centre For Total Transformation, a charity in the Zvimba district of Zimbabwe. Her goal is to ensure that her 500 children have classrooms, toilets and other necessary infrastructure that will provide that the children thrive and unravel highest and most genuine expression of themselves.