Queen Corinne Missi Among Great International Pageant Queens In USA

The CEO of Miss Africa USA has partnered with Media Guru Hung Viet Trinh to establish one of the best Pageant Collaborative Platforms in the United States with a mission to provide Pageant Queens various avenues to grow their talent and flourish during and after their reign. The platform was launched in January this year at the beautiful 5 star hotel in Washington DC where Queens from different pageants were treated to a beautiful appreciation breakfast.


The beauty of beauty pageants, Queens are advocates, Queens make a difference, Queens are role models. That is why we Appreciate Queens. Beautiful Appreciation Breakfast for Queens.


#justthebegining #greatness2018 #jointhemovement #empowerandinspire #globalcitizen Thank you Benjamin Huynh for such excellent Photography. Organized by Hung Viet Trinh & LadyKate Atabong Ndi Limbediva Sponsor: Hung Viet Trinh Media sponsorship (PageantLive): PS Privette from PageantLIVE Make-up sponsorship: Marily Guerra De Espinoza & Josie Valdez Photograph sponsorship: Hans Spiegel, Mark Kanawati and his assistant, Carlus McCormick, Benjamin Huynh, Reggie Bell World Class Beauty Queens Magazine sponsorship: Derek Tokarzewski Venue: The Mayflower Hotel, Autograph Collection DC – friendly and professional service ”