Miss Africa USA and First Princess Sign Up For Office Space Sponsored By I/0 Spaces

Queen Corinne Missi and First Princess Elaine Alale felt very honored to have received and signed a one year contract<br>Read More &raquo;

A Beautiful Congratulatory Cocktail Reception For The Queen and First Princess In Maryland

Miss Africa USA Organization hosted a beautiful Cocktail Reception to congratulate the Queen and First Princess of the Pageant this<br>Read More &raquo;

Queen Corinne Missi Among Great International Pageant Queens In USA

The CEO of Miss Africa USA has partnered with Media Guru Hung Viet Trinh to establish one of the best<br>Read More &raquo;

Queen Corinne Missi Joins African Ambassadors For United Aid For Africa Gala in Washington DC

QUEEN CORINNE Special Guest at Embassy of Ivory Coast. A Holiday Party with African Ambassadors Honoring the Ambassador of Ivory<br>Read More &raquo;

The Two Queens At Crossroads: Queen Corinne Missi Supporting Her Predecessor Nereida Lobo

Shortly after being Crowned Miss Africa USA by her predecessor Nereida Lobo it was time for Queen Corinne Missi to<br>Read More &raquo;

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