United Nations Peace Ambassador, Legal Expert and Fashion Industry Icon Representing African Royalty, Prince A.Z.K Adekoya II Will Co-Chair Miss Africa USA Pageant Nov 5th At Howard University In Washington DC


Pageantry is Royalty, it is therefore a great honor to have a member of African Royalty and an International Fashion Icon to Co-Chair The Miss Africa USA Pageant this year. Please take your time to read more about the impressive biography of Prince Adekoya II, his achievmenents including his recent appointment as United Nations Peace Ambassador for Nigeria. A man who takes pride in advocating for women and children, he feels very honored to have been selected as Co-Chair of this worthy event and cause.

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Prince A.Z.K. Adekoya, II, is a multi-hyphenated serial entrepreneur, legal expert, analyst and change maker are often used to capture Prince A.Z.K. Adekoya II. As an internationally recognized influencer in the fashion and entertainment spectrum, his royal fashion style makes an undeniable presence. His brand is always close to the pulse of entertainment affairs and highly favored during New York Fashion Week, on Yahoo spotlight, ZenRadio and more. He serves as CEO and Investor in various areas of businesses, such as: Fashion, Entertainment, Promotion, Production, and Health & Wellness. His business empire includes but not limited to: Roberta Fabiani-USA, Inc., Skadek Network lnt’I Inc., Skadek Network lnt’I Promotions & Entertainment, Skadek Health & Wellness.

Roberta Fabiani-Skadek and Royal Fashion by Prince Skadek, both designed by Prince, are rapidly trending amongst royal and elite audiences. For this reason, he’s been touted as “one of the most creative and brilliant minded designers to watch”. This accolade most recently earned him the honor of becoming the “2016 Monarch Designer of the Year”.

As human rights and women’s rights advocate with a wealth of experience in local and international businesses, he holds a degree in Accounting, Law, and Business Management. His academic background stems across three continents: Africa, Europe and North America. As a legal Expert and Analyst with over 15 years’ experience in Immigration, Criminal, Civil Litigation, Incorporation, Entertainments. He is currently the Managing Director at Ejezie Law Firm, with offices in New Jersey & New York.

Prince proudly integrates his roots from Lagos State, Nigeria into his global presence. As a businessman and philanthropist who has successfully produced and promoted countless charitable events for organizations, churches his heart lies in empowering others and legacy building. A great emphasis is placed on his work with youth and millennials. He believes that anything the mind can conceive and the heart believes, can be achieved. He is very open minded and working relentlessly to make his community, country and the world at large a peaceful and better place to live.

For more information, visit: www.skadek.com