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Azhinwi Katianne Ndeh-Sirri

I am a 24 year old ambitious lady from Cameroon currently living in the USA, Michigan. I am a licensed practical nurse work to get more experience so as to return to school for my Associates, bachelors and finally get a place in a certified registered nurse anesthesia program. I am single and spend most of my time researching for ways to make orphans around my community back home feel safe and loved.

I want to be the next queen because I want to be able to bring hope to the hopeless orphan back in my country, in an orphanage where I already started helping the kids. I want to be able to acquire some more knowledge and empowerment to continue advocating for the orphans 
My humanitarian goal is to fight hunger and malnutrition amongst the homeless, orphans and needy . Not forgetting the sick and aging population who have no one to care and provide for them.