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Muka Chisaka

I was born and raised in beautiful and peaceful Zambia, a country known for its kind people, lush landscapes, and natural resources. I draw my inspiration from my Mother & Father who dedicate their lives and careers to community development and care. My father is a global public health specialist for the world bank and my mother is an entrepreneur, women’s rights lawyer and creative. I currently work as a digital marketing project manager for Goldiata Creative LLC. My career focus is mainly centered around marketing development, client service management and brand ambassadorship. I also am a Model and Digital Artist. 

When I began my career I was in a shrunken and solitary world of pain and my mental health was compromised. I was living with PTSD, and trauma associated depression and anxiety; during my first year of college I was sexually assaulted. I didn’t report the repeated incidents to the authorities, and I didn’t share my experience with my family. The fear I felt was paralyzing and the guilt and shame I felt were heavy and oppressive. I had been conditioned to believe that the attacks on my body were somehow my fault. Culture and society conditioned me to believe that my assault happened because I acted in a way that made my attacker think “I wanted it”. I’m like millions of survivors who will never experience or receive justice because rape is the most under-reported crime. As a proud African Woman I believe it is my place to share, and take ownership of, my not so uncommon story. Rape is a systemic and endemic social problem that affects victims, and their loved ones, who usually suffer in silence for fear of shame, or continued abuse.

To take ownership of healing and experience, I began working with non profit organizations that focus on youth development, community empowerment and women’s rights. 

Deeply conscious of the privilege my mother and father’s struggles have gifted me, I stand as a strong advocate for socioeconomic empowerment for women and children, particularly their constitutional right to education, careers, and freedom of choice. 

I believe a stronger Africa starts with a strong sense of self. I believe that our growth and evolution as a global community begins with mental, emotional, and spiritual strength. This strength is cultivated and exercised in vulnerable and open experiences with others. My intent is to create programs and support systems that center the continuity of individual and collective progress. To create a better world we must empower individual and collective development. I’m grateful to represent the Miss Zambia USA platform which is built on a foundation of identity, culture and community. It’s pillars are upheld with creativity, entrepreneurship and health & wellness. As Miss Africa USA I intend to use this incredible platform to amplify mental health wellness and community development interests by creating programs and infrastructural support for women and children of African descent.