Malele Choongo

Maleele Choongo, 25 years old, was born and raised in Zambia, before moving to the
United States at the age of eight. She is an Afro-feminist and a Pan-African, through
and through. She started her career at the World Bank as a teenager, where she won a
contest with 30,000 participants globally, and only two winners. Using this experience,
her humanitarian platform is to empower African women in the workplace through:
partnering with several organizations to ensure that they higher young Africans B. using
workshops to train women on how to perfectly position themselves for these jobs(CVs,
resumes, professional attire, professional, how to negotiate a salary, etc) C. raising
money for talented, low income young women who have scored unpaid internships at
organizations that could catapult their careers. She would also like to use her technical
skills to make the organization more visible, so that both she and the Queens after can
maximize our impact and humanitarian goals. While beauty and brains are the typical
mantras of pageants like this, she would also like to emphasize empathy. In her opinion,
without empathy, aesthetics and intelligence are futile in any humanitarian quest. Most
importantly, if crowned Queen, she would like to leverage the talents, passion and
knowledge of my fellow competitors to highlight and raise awareness to their platforms.

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