Miss Africa USA Meets President Obama’s Grand Mother, Mama Sara Obama in Washington DC

It was a very special afternoon Tea Ceremony, hosted by Global Women’s Initiative President Rev Marcia Dyson, for a very special woman, Mama Sara Obama all the way from Kenya.  She is not only the Grand Mother of the President of the United States, Barack Obama, she is also the Founder of Mama Sara Obama Foundation which is impacting the lives of children across Kenya.  At 94 years of age, Mama Sara is still going strong and very involved in fostering education of children in Kenya.  Miss Africa was very honored to have been invited to the Tea Ceremony with Mama Sara Obama and she said she has been greatly inspired by her brief encounter with Mama Sara Obama.


Miss Africa USA 2014-2015 Meron Wudneh who hails from Ethiopia is touched by the good deeds of Mama Sara Obama


Special Afternoon Tea Ceremony with Mama Sara Obama