WOMEN’S HISTORY MONTH: Honor Goes to Hasifa Kivumbi Miss Uganda USA

Miss Africa USA continues to celebrate Women’s Month by Honoring our young and dynamic women leaders who are changing the world around them.  The Future is here and we must celebrate, encourage and support our youth because they hold the future.
As a little girl I spent many hours walking to fetch water for my family.

In 1999 I relocated to America and my life changed forever. I never dreamed  that a day would come when the distance between my living room sofa and my kitchen sink would be merely square footage and I could use words like abundance to describe my water supply. Shortly after being in America my quality of life changed, I was able to be a child, and the many hours previously spent on the water quests were now spent in the classroom and at the play ground.

It was many years later that I learned that by simply having access to a reliable water source, I was in a position to thrive unlike before. My adversity as a child led to my greatest opportunity.  I knew that I had a big responsibility to the many girls and women of my country whom to this day are still walking those long grassy miles for that liquid gold.
Please Watch the video below and see for yourself the amazing work by the team led by the dynamic Hasifa Kivumbi. What a difference she is making, impacting the lives of multitudes.






Miss Uganda USA: Hasifa Kivumbu, Clean Water for Uganda Project
Miss Uganda USA: Hasifa Kivumbu, Clean Water for Uganda Project

Please join us Congratulate an amazing Young Leader and Role Model. She is excellent in all respects.

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