Miss Uganda Imat Akelo Opio is certainly an ambitious and dynamic young African woman with a powerful command of the stage. Of course she is not new to the stage because she is a trained actress and model, working on projects around the World, as far away as Australia. Miss Imat who told the Audience that she received her education in New York has not forgotten her roots. She loves her homeland Uganda and spoke very passionately about the plight of the children in Northern Uganda who are being used as child slaves and soldiers.  Her speach certainly drew the tears out of my eyes and I felt the emotions from others in the audience too. She was also moved to tears by her own words and thoughts for the women who work hard everyday with little or no resources to provide shelter for the children of Nothern Uganda. She went on to praise all African Women who are working hard to care for their families as well as the female warriors of days gone by.  Miss Uganda was the 4th Runner up at the Pageant. She is an actress so look out on the big screen for her someday. We wish her the very best.