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 Amou Mawien

My name is Amou Mawien, and I am from the youngest country in the world, South Sudan. I am currently studying social work at Morgan State University. I spend my time creating mentoring events and tutoring children of immigrant parents. I plan to continue helping families as a social worker and give back to my country.
Coming from the youngest country in Africa, we get overlooked a lot. I want to represent my country and shine positivity and hope in a place that experiences trauma. I want to show my young cousins back home that they have hope and can accomplish all their dreams soon. Being the queen of this pageant will showcase a positive role model to those who look up to me.I am currently creating a mentorship program for young teens in the Baltimore area. 
I will give back to inner-city teens and help them prepare for college. My overall goal is to provide mental health resources to African citizens. Unfortunately, many Africans do not believe in mental health; hopefully, one day, I can motivate my people to go to therapy.