You are currently viewing Bold, Beautiful And Fabulous, Linda Arrey Will Host The Miss Africa USA Red Carpet, August 29 2015

Bold, Beautiful And Fabulous, Linda Arrey Will Host The Miss Africa USA Red Carpet, August 29 2015


Linda is back to celebrate the Miss Africa USA 10th anniversary. Please join Linda on the Red Carpet on Saturday August 29 2015 at the Fillmore Theater.

Linda Arrey

is President and CEO of Women In Leadership Development and Empowerment, INC (WILDE). WILDE was birth from Linda’s vision and dedication to the education and empowerment of women globally,

​and her inclination to improving individual and community standards. As a philanthropist, she is constantly seeking innovative ways to give back to the community through mobilization, direct service, donations, and more.

​Prior to founding WILDE, Ms. Arrey has worked as administrator for legislators in Georgia. Her extensive duties included but were not limited to recruiting interns and volunteers, planning and implementation of special events such as mixers and fundraisers, and managing office operations. Among other community and non-profit organizations, she has enjoyed serving as Secretary General of the African Women Development Foundation Inc., helping women and children in need through resource provision and developmental processes. Ms. Arrey has also served as the Programs Coordinator for Pan-African Medical Missions providing sustainable health care to underserved communities. She was also the manager of the Miss Africa USA Scholarship Pageant Organization, the national pageant for women of African descent residing in the U.S. Working with the pageant she managed various aspects of business operations such as auditioning, processing and training the young women that applied to the pageant annually. She also collaborated and formed strategic partnerships between the pageant and other reputable organizations. Her role also extended to managing Miss Africa USA during her reign, where she worked with the Queen to implement structure, refine and execute her platform. Linda continues to serve as a personal career and leadership development mentor to several of these women.

In 2011 Linda founded WILDE to empower a new generation of women ready to take up leadership roles at the workplace, promote community development, and enhance interpersonal and intrapersonal relationships, while building self-esteem and overall appearance. (WILDE) is a membership based leadership non-for-profit organization made up of a unique network of professional women from diversified backgrounds and experiences who aim at enhancing women’s skills and involvement at all levels of society. Under Linda’s leadership, WILDE runs a mentoring program for young women between the ages of 13 to 22, and also organizes quarterly women’s brunches and professional mixers bringing together business owners, entrepreneurs and professionals from other disciplines in the metro Atlanta area, with plans to expand to other states. WILDE also hosts a Leadership and Service Awards Gala annually in Atlanta where Ms. Arrey honors proven leaders who are dedicated to improving the lives of others and the community in general. Linda also plans to host the Women’s Leadership and Development Conference in Atlanta in the nearest future.

As a Public Speaker, Linda talks about her contrivance, WILDE, how to promote better workforce, communities and homes by encouraging women to bring their vision and leadership, knowledge and skills, views and aspirations into the development stream. Linda also speaks on “Women Embracing Life and Leadership” where she provides women with tips, tools and resources on how to have a successful work-like balance. She also speaks at various youth programs on topics focused to simply inspire the younger generation to topics meant to prepare them for cutting edge leadership and equip them for entrepreneurial positions.

Linda holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology, and a Master of Science in Public Health. She is an Officer of the United States Air Force where she serves as a Group Practice Manager. She is a member of Church of The Harvest International (COTHI), and currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia. . Linda loves fashion especially shopping for new shoes, bags, fine dining, spending time with close friends and family, and traveling the world..

As a woman who does it all and fixes everything, she is denoted by peers as the “Oliver Pope” of her time.