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Girl Child Education for Tanzania


My name is Joy Kalemera. I am currently the reigning Miss Tanzania USA 2013-14. Allow me to introduce you to some of the initiatives that I am currently involved in.

I am truly passionate about community based projects and I have driven my focus this year towards promoting girl child education beginning in my home country, Tanzania. The aim of this project is to encourage students to value the benefits that come along with attaining an education, as well as to point them in directions they perhaps have never considered towards their academics.

I was privileged to visit and volunteer in three secondary schools during my last trip to Tanzania in May 2014. Majority of the students in these schools came from impoverished families while others were orphans. I was however, extremely impressed by these brilliant young girls, who regardless of their conditions, stand strong and are committed to perform well in school. Education, according to these young girls, is their ultimate light of hope.

In an effort to improve the learning experience of these students, I donated curriculum based textbooks. I was also privileged to mentor them in seminars where I shared my experience and journey through school to the engineering world. The goal of these sessions was to help more girls to break through the stereotypical boundaries against their education because I believe that all of us are uniquely gifted with skills that if well nurtured, could go a long way.

I therefore strongly believe in these determined young girls and would like to continue helping them towards their goals. I know that it takes the collective effort of a number of people to propel an initiative forward. That is why I am calling on you: Please join me in an effort to raise funds towards supporting Tanzanian students in need of our help. The money donated will be used to buy school supplies mainly textbooks as well as lab equipment to do observational science experiments in Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

On behalf of these girls, I would like to THANK YOU so much for your support and generosity.


Joy Kalemera

Miss Tanzania USA 2013-14


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