The Miss Africa USA Pageant was launched in Octorber 2005 in Norcross, Georgia. The vision of a Cameroonian American, Lady Kate Njeuma to unite the Community in celebrating the beauty of African women through a showcase culture and talent, empowering young African women in America as Leaders and Goodwill Ambassadors. Believing that African women can help develop their communities if given the right opportunity and the tools to make a difference, the pageant set out to help build confidence in young women and help them believen in themselves.
The pageant was launched as a production of an Events Planning company: The Shrine of Africa LLC.

The first pageant which was known as Miss Africa Georgia attracted over 21 contestants from different African countries, all residing in Georgia and mostly students at local colleges.  The pageant was held at the Global Mall in Norcross Georgia.

Over 500 guests gathered at the Global Mall to witness the spectacular event. The pageant was the first of its kind to be held in Georgia, an event which attracted Africans from different countries to celebrate the African culture. The audience was very diverse and the panel of Judges was also diverse. Participants were competing in talent, fashion and public speaking.

The pageant also attracted major sponsors like Western Union and MoneyGram International.
The first Queen Hariette Ayodele Thomas who had also previously won the Miss Liberia Georgia Pageant was crowned in an elaborate ceremony at the Global Mall.

Due to the success of the 2005 pageant, the organization received great feedback about the pageant and African girls from all over the United States were expressing their interest in participating in the competition. Tha pageant management made a decision to open its doors to girls from across North America.

The pageant has continued to attract very savy, ambitious, intelligent and highly educated African girls from some of the most renowned educational institutions in the United States. The pageant is highly competitive and each year the calibre of contestants continues to rise and the bar is raised from year to year.

The pageant focuses on building confidence and empowering young women to give back to under-served communities in Africa and in the United States of America, building on President Obama’s vision of Community Service. Today each delegate works on a micro project to benefit a community in need in Africa or America. In the past this commitment has been expected of the Queen but in 2009 the management made a decision to have every delegate to the task believing that each one can do it successfully.  This decision was received with great enthusiasm and excitement by all delegates who are determined to see their projects through.

The Pageant is produced by Spotlight Africa LLC formerly known as The Shrine of Africa LLC. All finalists who are are undertaking charitable micro projects do so under the official Miss Africa USA Charity organization: The African Women’s Development Foundation Inc-USA. AWDF-USA is  a public charity registered in the State of Georgia, therefore all donations to delegates projects are tax exempt.

The Miss Africa USA Pageant has evolved from the time it was launched in 2005 to what it is today. Many have described the pageant as the biggest and most publicized African pageant in the world today. The pageant continues to receive accolades from the community, from past contestants and potential future contestants.  The organization remains very proud of all the Queens who have done nothing but raise the bar each year and inspired many more African girls to participate in the greatest and most prestigeous African Pageant in North America.