Meet The Reigning Queen: Gboea Flumo (2018-2019)

I am Gboea Flumo representing the beautiful country of Liberia. I currently reside in the state of Maryland. I am an up and coming Motivational Speaker and Mentor to young girls in the D.C. and Maryland area. As a young woman who grew up without a mother or female influence during the younger years of her life, I understand what it feels like to not have any guidance or strength in who you are as a woman. I have battled with insecurities and had no female role model to help me overcome these issues. Luckily for me, I come from a culture where one person’s child is everyone’s child, and later in life, I was blessed enough to be surrounded by my wonderful loving aunts and many other unique female figures. Unfortunately, many young girls do not have this blessing and will go through life not having a robust female role model to encourage them, support them,  and show them things in life that they never even fathomed. My platform is more than just a platform; it is my life’s testimony! I believe that all it takes is one person to impact a young girl’s life and help her live up to the fullest potential God gave her. Empowering young women through mentorship has a meaning that is bigger than myself! Being a mentor means giving hope, showing unconditional love, providing opportunities that will allow young women to be successful and the Queens that they were created to be. Empowering young women through mentorship is more than just a platform it is a sisterhood fit for Queens only! When I’m not focusing on my career aspirations, I enjoy writing and performing my spoken word, spending time with my friends and family, traveling, and enjoying new life experiences. Currently, I am a mentor for a nonprofit in DC called BePolished. BePolished empowers girls in single-parent households to exude “Life Etiquette.” BePolished “Life Etiquette” programs encompass elements of healthy behaviors, career development, and innovative thinking. We are committed to nurturing young girls into confident women while educating and exposing them to a world of opportunity. I have a mentee that I work with one on one, and to me, it is the most beautiful thing. To know that my influence on this young girl’s life will make a difference in the decisions she makes and give her strength throughout her life is a fulfilling feeling. In addition to being a part of this wonderful organization, I also mentor middle school girls in several different schools and often go to various nonprofits and schools to give motivational speeches. When I go into these schools my number one goal is to show these young queens that no matter their background, with hard work and faith, they can become as successful as they envision.