It is an honor indeed for Miss Africa USA 2010 Fifi Soumah to have been invited to participate in the World Bank Series looking at the perspectives of African youth on the development of Africa.  This project is quite similar to President Obama’s Open House with Young African Leaders which took place at the White House this fall.

The World Bank Series which is organized by the Communications Department of the Africa Division is geared at exploring the views and thoughts of African youth leaders, on development.  The youth are obviously the future and it is important to understand what they think  about development and if given the opportunity what they can do or advice others to do to help Africa develop.

On arrival at the World Bank, Miss Africa USA Fifi Soumah was escorted to the interview room where the technical team were setting up and gearing up for the interview.  The interview was recorded on video.

The interview was conducted by Ms Nicole Amarteifio, from the Communications Department. Fifi was asked questions about Guinea, from the recent elections to life in Guinea and what the people of Guinea are like etc. The interview also explored  her passion and profession and what development means to her.

Miss Fifi Soumah used the opportunity to encourage African youth to actively participate in the development of Africa through community service.  As a humanitarian, Miss Africa USA has set up a Foundation called ‘Tears Away’  to help young girls in Guinea and in Africa achieve basic education. Miss Fifi is working with the African Women’s Development Foundation Inc to sponsor young girls by offering scholarships and school supplies to support them through school. She is very concerned that in Guinea for example, aproximately 81% of girls cannot read and write because they do not have access to education.

Miss Africa USA, Fifi Soumah is working on changing that by supporting girls from deprived backgrounds to attain an education. She is also campaigning against the practice of Female Genital Mutilation which puts the health of women at risk and thereby hinders development  because if women are sick due to FGM they cannot be as productive as they should.

The World Bank Youth Series on Development is recorded on video and will be released in January 2011, the video will be played at the World Bank and on the World Bank’s  social network sites.  We will keep all readers informed as soon as the video is released.  Fifi Soumah joined the ranks of other African Youth Leaders like Korto Momolu (young African Designer from Liberia and former Participant of Project Runway) who has also been interviewed on the African Youth Series at the World Bank.

Miss Africa USA Fifi Soumah and Nicole Amarteifio after the interview at the World Bank.

Miss Fifi Soumah at the World Bank in Washington DC

Miss Africa USA Fifi Soumah and Lady Kate Njeuma, CEO of Miss Africa USA PAGEANT

at the World Bank in Washington DC