Miss Africa USA Ghyslaine Tchouaga attends Dish Network Sponsored dinner

Miss Africa USA 2011 -2012  Ghyslaine Tchouaga has been keeping a busy schedule as the reigning Queen representing the motherland at various Corporate Events with networking opportunities for the African Community.   Last month she received a special invitation to join top Executives of Dish Network Africa, Arik Airlines and Afrotainement TV for their end of year Corporate dinner with African Business Executives in the DC metro area.  This event took place at the Gaithesburg Marriott Hotel.

The Corporate Dinner, sponsored by Dish Network Africa Division was aimed at bringing together African owned businesses to network and share information about existing programs for Africans on mainstream television in the United States of America.  Dish Africa has established various channels committed to providing entertainment for the African Community, from the Afrotainement Channel, to Africa 24 and more. All these channels screen good quality programming, sharing the cultural experiences of Africans around the world.  It was certainly a great experience for the Queen as she got to meet some of the sponsors of the Miss Africa USA Pageant, such as the Executives of Afrotainement TV and also Arik Airlines.

Mr. Frenard Ganda leading the Miss Africa USA Delegation attending the Dish Network Corporate Dinner.

Pictured above, Mr. Frenard Ganda, Audio Visual Director of the Pageant, Lady Kate Njeuma, CEO of Miss Africa USA Pageant, Miss Africa USA Ghyslaine Tchouaga and Miss Diane Kadji. Mr. Otto Enow was also in attedance at this event all representing the Miss Africa USA Organization.

Meet Valerie Kabela, a very  dynamic Lady driving the Dish Africa programming forward, providing opportunities for African cultural experiences to be shared on mainstream television. She is doing an awesome job with more channels being made available.    She is responsible for the growth of the African Channels on Dish.  She believes that the African community in the United States is very unique and forms a very big untapped market.  She encouraged guests to take the word out into their communities about the special programing available for the African community and wants people to have access to the chanels by subscribing via Dish Network for a small fee.

She appealed to members of the community to continue to subscribe because the success of Dish Africa heavily depends on the support of subscribers and this is also proof that there is a market and an need for such special channels to cater for the African Community.  The Hispanics have it going on, so why not Africa?  If you are reading this article today and you have Dish Network, all you need to do is subscribe to the Dish Africa Channels, One Price and you get all these African Television coming your way, from Movies on Afrotainement TV,  News From the Continent on Africa 24 Channel.

It was also wonderful to meet Mr Yve Bolanga, the Executive Director of Afrotainement TV.  This indomitable Lion (meaning a Cameroonian) has a big heart and big dreams for the African community in the United States and diaspora.  The brain behind Afrotainement TV was one of the Keynote Speakers at the Dinner and also a Co-Sponsor.  Mr. Bolanga unfolded his dream and vision for Afrotainement TV, how it all started and where it is heading.  Afrotainement currently boasts of several entertaining programs for the entire family on a round the clock and round the year basis, meaning non-stop.  You can enjoy the latest Nollywood movies as they are released as well as movies from around the continent of Africa, if you are a sports fan or shall i say soccer fan, you got it on Afrotainement, how about Talk Show lovers? You will love the talk shows on Afrotainement TV.

Miss Africa USA is a proud supporter of Afrotainement TV and we encourage all fans and supporters of the pageant to subscribe and start enjoying the best of Africa on TV.  Please see the end of this article for contact information on Afrotainement TV.

Posing with yet another proud sponsor, Arik Airlines International Vice President Mr. Robert Brunner was also in attendance at the Dinner.  Arik Airlines was giving away discounts and free tickets to attendees who signed up for Dish Network.  Mr. Brunner, a great visionary and longevity of service in the aviation business from Europe to the United States gave an overview on Arik Airlines.  So far the best Airline to handle your luggage with freedom to fly hassle free to Africa, great deals on luggage and lots of room to stretch out on board and of course great customer service.  Some of the guests attending the dinner actually gave some reviews for Arik Airlines based on their own recent experiences flying with the airline.  So Kudos to Arik Air!!!!!!

The Miss Africa USA family supports Arik Airlines and we are strongly appealing to all fans and supporters of the pageant and its affiliates to FLY ARIK AIRLINES TO AFRICA.  If you are thinking of flying to West Africa, Let Arik Airlines be your number one!!!!!!

The Pageant organization certainly appreciates the sponsorship of Arik Airlines for the 2011 Miss Africa USA Pageant and the support of Mr. Kobi Brew-Hammond who made it all happen.


Miss Africa USA speaking at the Dinner with Arik Airlines, Afrotainement TV and Dish Africa


Thanks once more to Ms Valerie Kabela for inviting the Miss Africa USA Team to the Joint Dinner of  Dish Africa, Arik Airlines and Afrotainement.  Mr. Chido made a great MC for the event and it was certainly eye opening to listen to the forces behind each of these organizations.  Africa is moving forward because we have people like the above making some big moves.

For More on Afrotainement TV please click the link  below