Miss Africa USA: Maryland Auditions 2009

Yet another lovely group of contestants were auditioned at the Crown Plaza Hotel Maryland/DC area in November 2009 for the Miss Africa USA Pageant. All very beautiful young ladies with a lot to share with each other and the world, about their African heritage, experiences in America and the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of those in need.  The pageant has attracted very intelligent young women over the years. The young ladies at this audition come from very different backgrounds and have a wide range of career aspirations, some already in Medical School, some working towards a career in International Relations, some Political Sciences and more. These young women all have great aspirations and are the future leaders of the world.

contestants enjoy a photo shoot by Dami from Theorimages

Contestants listen to the Executive Producer, Lady Kate Njeuma sharing information about the pageant.

Information session at the Maryland 2009 Auditions at the Crown Plaza Hotel, Silver Springs.

Contestant Mamiesia Kabia shares information with Pageant Production Manager Mr. Kyle Haggerty at the Maryland auditions in 2009.

The Maryland auditions kicked of at 12noon and ran through the rest of the day closing with a dinner party for the contestants and their families.  Each contestant had the opportunity to rehearse public speaking and it seemed very tough and challenging for many but they would soon overcome the nervousness and deliver great speeches.  There opportunities for photo shoots with Theorimages photographer. There was also a session with the Pageant Production manager Kyle Haggerty who has produced the pageant in the last 4 years. He shared tips, ideas and suggestions for the girls and some rules and regulations.