Hundreds of supporters and fans gather each year to witness the Miss Africa USA Pageant, a very unique pageant which promotes the rich cultures of Africa.  Anticipation is always very high and performances get very heated as delegate after delegate tries to bring out the best of African culture on stage through traditional regalia, dance, drums and more. For those who have never been to Africa, the pageant offers a snippet of the African culture, knowledge about the continent and its diversity and much more.  You certainly do not walk away thinking Africa is one country like Senator Sarah Palin said on the campaign trail during the last Presidential Elections in the United States.  Africa has over 50 countries with a rich blend of cultures.

Pictured above is a delegate from Kenya,  Hilda Mauya. Hilda is showcasing a very rich Masaai regalia.  When you think of Kenya, the Masaai warriors come to mind and yes the Masaai have kept their culture very well indeed despite colonization and neo-imperialism, the culture of the Masaai is original.

Meet the Miss Africa USA Culture Award winner for 2010, Miss Angela Wambui, she is also from Kenya and again we see a different version of the Masaai warrior. Miss Angela stormed the stage, dressed as a traditional Masaai girl with all the accessories to go with the theme.  One thing was very special about Miss Angela: she went all nine yards to ensure every detail about her had Kenya written all over it, from earrings to necklace to shoes and hair pins, everything was Kenya and it was about her roots and culture, all very beautifully put together.

Here is a traditional girl look from Nigeria.  These accessories and outfit should immediately spell Nigeria in your mind if you are good at recognizing the originality of African traditions.  Miss Roseline Amusu, Miss Nigeria delegate carries her traditional outfit very well as she sings and dances to traditional folklore music on stage.

Who say carrying stuff on your head is not African culture?  This is not common in one country, I bet you, if you go to Africa, no matter where or when, this is one of the first sitings you will observe.  Women, men, girls and boys all do it. There is something special about carrying something on your head and it is not easy to balance that load on the head either but we Africans do it so well with no hassle…..LOL.  Pictured above, Miss Sierra Leone finalist Natasha Beckley is on stage during traditional African girl segment of the competition. She carries a basket on her head and still looks very elegant.  Miss Natasha finished the pageant as the 1st Princess or Deputy Miss Africa USA or 1st Runner up as you may call her. She is from Sierra Leone in West Africa.

The Beautiful Miss South Africa Yolanda Masinga presents an elegant ensemble from her native land.  We witness once again the tradition of carrying a load on your head is very common practice and very much part of African culture, no matter where you go. Check out the hat she is wearing, very common in Southern Africa, combined with the rich red and white colors of her outfit, she looks a million dollars. Africa is very beautiful Indeed.

The above is simply a glimpse of the traditional girl presentations of the the 2010 pageant, you can visit our website www.missafricaunitedstates.com for more info or follow us on facebook  Miss Africa USA fan page.

God Bless Africa.