Queen Fifi Soumah during Fashion competition

African Fashion, as beautiful and vibrant as it is, never gets the kind of exposure and media highlight that it deserves. Well the Miss Africa USA Pageant has embraced African Fashion and is committed to showcasing African Couture, working with Afro-centric designers to bring out the best of African Fashion on the pageant runway. Each year a number of well renowned African designers are invited to showcase their fashion lines on the pageant runway and the 2010 competition saw the best yet to grace the pageant.  Award winning designers such as Frank Osodi from Nigeria, Stella Atal from Uganda, Vera Ochia from Kenya and Akouavi Slater from Togo were all in the House, ready to take control.

African Fashion entails more than just the dress you wear, it has a lot to do with the accessories and so much more. Pictured above is Miss Twamma Nambili representing Namibia. You’ve got to love her hair piece, the Porcupine head dress, very spiky and elegant.  A beautiful smile is certainly a necessary complement for this headpiece, making it even more beautiful.  Kudos to Miss Twamma for carrying this whole ensemble with such elegance and grace.

I don’t know about you but this dress being modeled by Miss Nessie Abdulai representing Sierra Leone makes me go WOW, it is beautifully put together and well accessorized, combined with Miss Nessie’s charming smile, you’ve got to love it.  I certainly wouldn’t mind having this dress in my wardrobe for that special occasion.

Who says only renowned designers can design African Fashion? Well, Meet Miss Hilda Mauya representing Kenya on the runway.  This African Queen had a go at designing her own outfits for the pageant and of course, her pageant dresses were breath taking indeed.  She discovered her passion in designing unique styles and she is on the run with it.  Miss Hilda’s style won her the Miss Africa USA Super Model with Style Award. She is one designer we should all be looking out for.

When you think of African Fashion, Kente clothe will immediately come to mind for most people. Yes the Kente is always present on the Miss Africa USA Runway, thanks to the delegates from Ghana who always go that extra length to bring out the Best of Kente.  Pictured above is Miss Agnes Ntow representing Ghana, showcasing Kente Fashion on the Miss Africa USA Runway.  Miss Agnes won the Fashion Award 2010.

An African outfit designed by Akouavi Slater is modeled by Miss Roseline Amusu who represented Nigeria in the pageant.

Pictured above : Miss Africa USA management team members pose with Fashion designers who graced the pageant this year. L_R:  Miss Linda Arrey Pageant Manager, Vera Ochia, Frank Osodi, Lady Kate Njeuma Pageant Founder and CEO, Stella Atal, Akouavi Slater and Kyle Haggerty Pageant Production Manager.

Miss Africa USA Pageant will continue to promote African Fashion the best we can in collaboration with African Designers.  We Africans and Friends of Africa should do our best to patronize African Fashion and showcase on the global stage.