She is certainly beautiful, poised, eloquent and full of confidence. Miss Kenya placed as the 2nd runner up at the Miss Africa USA Pageant 2008. She left a mark on the audience in the way she carried herself on stage and her eloquence. Miss Victoria Njau thrilled the audience with her adaptation of the Poem : Phenomenal woman………..An African Woman is a Phenomenal Woman.  She sure gave the poem all its worth on pageant night because she was excellent.  Miss Kenya spoke of a difficult childhood growing up in a little village in Kenya and was thankful to have all the opporutunities that America has offered her and she is now able to give back to her village where children are still very deprived. Her story was very touching indeed.  She rightly said you do not have to be Oprah Winfrey to give back and she is happy to share the little she has with the deprived of the village she grew up in, back in her homeland Kenya.

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