Fans, friends and family of Miss Africa USA Pageant, we are are excited and very happy indeed to introduce you all to our new addition into the Miss Africa Team.


Meet Miss Gloria Darko, Ghanaian beauty based in Maryland who has now joined the Miss Africa USA Team as Executive Assitant to the CEO Lady Kate Njeuma.

This Ghanaian girl is not only a beauty, she is a Powerhouse indeed, as young as she is, she has achieved so much and is actually involved in her own humanitarian project serving the needy in Ghana.

Miss Gloria has served as a volunteer for the Miss Africa USA Pageant since 2008 when she helped Fashion Designer Ms Estella of Estella Couture, put together the most elegant wardrobe for the contestants in the 2008 Pageant.  She then she has served in the hospitality department helping to host the VIPs who travel out to attend the Pageant, ensuring they have a place to stay as she is always on hand to receive them.

She has worked rather quietly for all these years and now she is ready to take the bull by the horn and leave her mark for the pageant in line with the vision of making Miss Africa USA the grandest African Pageant system in the World.

Miss Gloria enters the Pageant at the Executive Assistant level, replacing Miss Linda Arrey who served as Pageant Manager and is no long with us. Miss Linda has moved on to do other great things for the community after serving the pageant for over 4 years.

Miss Gloria is excited about her new Path with the Pageant which will gradually transition to Pageant Director/Manager as she builds more experience in Managing a Pageant System.

She said she really enjoys working with young ladies like herself and she is particularly attracted to the humanitarian activities of the girls.

She once considered running as Miss Ghana but never got herself together to try it out but today she will be deeply involved in shaping the future of Miss Africa USA Pageant.

Our new Executive Assistant is going to be on the front line with other team members in planning and organizing the upcoming Auditions and the Grand Finale.

Miss Gloria is not new to the lime light and neither is she a stranger to the African Celebrity world, she does have some of her good friends in the Nollywood Circles as well as her strong ties to the Ghanaian Movie industry and media. She is coming on board with something substantial to share and help move the Pageant forward.

She is an awesome Public speaker and we tested her skills when she Presented as one of the Guest Speakers at the Maryland International Women’s Day Event in Silver Spring in March 2012 where she spoke about her Project for African Children.  Among great women like the celebrity Author of the Sister Accord Ms Sonia Jackson Myles and Megan Arendt from the Leon Sullivan Foundation, Gloria did an excellent job in sharing her cause.


My name is Gloria Bampoe-Darko, an undergrad student currently studying Business in Hospitality and Tourism. I come from a beautiful West African country called Ghana. Came to the United States at the age of 8yrs old with the purpose to further my education and also to live a more productive life. I am one of the co-founders of an organization called Passion for an African Child based in the U.S and also in Ghana which focus on providing needs for the unprivileged children in Africa, such as medicine, clothes, shelters, shoes, food, school supplies and more. For a couple of years now, I’ve been traveling to Ghana every year to provide these donations to children who are in need and gradually hoping to expand to the next African country. I am also the founder of Hope of Every Child (H.E.C Foundation), an up and coming foundation which goes on a journey to find children who have lost their parents in any kind of way. We believe that every child has a hope to have a parent by their side as they grow. H.E.C Foundation is opening our hearts to provide all the necessary tools to these children as we follow their stories and their journey making sure they are living a life they’ve always dreamed about. For more information about some of our projects we’ve accomplished throughout our humanitarian journey in Ghana since 2008, check out Passion for an African Child website at www.pfaac.org or sent an email to Gloriabdarko@yahoo.com