queen of hearts

QUEEN OF HEARTS AND ENOVATIVE TV ONLINE VOTE WINNER MISS SIERRA LEONE JENEBA WANJAH. Miss Africa USA Pageant is very proud of Miss Sierra Leone whose Mission is to advocate for Orphans and children in Foster care. A victim of war in Sierra Leone Years back, moved to the United States and lived in foster care,  there is no better person to advocate for the needs of children in foster care and orpans than Miss Jeneba Wanjah because she has lived the experience can she never gave up on the slightest chance of becoming a successful young girl. She represents hope for many young children in foster care today as well as orphans.

She has a very humbling spirit and has humbled herself to this noble cause. We ask you to join us in congratulating Miss Sierra Leon Jeneba Wanja for winning our facebook Likes contest to become The Queen of Hearts and The Online Votes for Enovative TV. She also placed in top 5 as the 3rd Princess of Miss Africa USA 2013. She represented Sierra Leone with great pride and her talent was extra ordinary. CONGRATULATIONS MISS SIERRA LEONE.  The Miss Africa USA Pageant will continue to support Miss Sierra leone and help her to be a voice for children in Foster care and orphans.

She had this to say:

“I would like to give special thanks to all those who supported and believed in me. I wouldn’t have done this without your motivation. I might not have won the crown but I am happy to know that in your hearts I’m a Queen. I am so humbled and in tears right now thinking of how my life started from a girl who was physically, verbally, and emotionally abused, a girl who lived in homeless shelters, moving from one foster home to another six years ago. I am highly blessed to win the Miss Africa USA Queen of Hearts, Enovative TV, and most of all the Miss Africa USA 3rd Princess. It was a great experience I am honored to meet all the beautiful contestants and Organizers. So please to all the youths whom are going through difficulties out there, Please don’t give up. I encourage you to overcome your pasts by going after your dreams because you are unstoppable. If I did it you can do it too. God Bless #TeamSalone#