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Queen Frances Udukwu Gives Back To Cancer Survivors In Maryland

As an initiative of Breast Cancer Awareness Month – Miss Africa USA 2015-16 Frances Udukwu teamed up with Hair Extraordinare, Dolled by NuEye and Mary Kay to create and donate custom made hair units and wigs named after Historical African Queens and Prominent Women to members of the African Women’s Cancer Awareness Association in Maryland DC Metro area (AWCAA). These brave and courageous women each have their own survival stories and struggles with with Cancer. Some are still undergoing treatment, have suffered total hair loss but they each have a strong faith. Some have been declared Cancer free and remain hopeful.

The women were certainly very appreciative of the thoughts and kind gesture the reigning Miss Africa USA has shown towards them.

As the Queen said in her speech ‘We know that cancer isn’t pretty, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have to be!’ (Frances Udukwu).
Queen Frances is excited about this opportunity to give back and make a difference and she has promised to continue working with AAWCA and expand her efforts.
Here are some images from the Official meeting with AAWCA members for the donation of Custom Made Wigs.