A Diwali Gala Raising Funds To Feed The Hungry With Miss United Nations International

The Reigning Miss Africa USA feeling very honored to be a Special Guest at the Fund Raising Gala to help<br>Read More &raquo;

Queen Gboea Flumo The Reigning Miss Africa USA In Support Of Sickle Cell Awareness

Queen Gboea Flumo who is the reigning Miss Africa USA, Crowned in August 2018 in the great State of Maryland<br>Read More &raquo;

Queen Corinne Missi Joins African Ambassadors For United Aid For Africa Gala in Washington DC

QUEEN CORINNE Special Guest at Embassy of Ivory Coast. A Holiday Party with African Ambassadors Honoring the Ambassador of Ivory<br>Read More &raquo;

2017 Platform Presentation: Beauty For A Cause And Community Advocacy

Young Intelligent and very Savvy African Leaders take to the stage at Miss Africa USA to share their passion and<br>Read More &raquo;

Miss Africa USA Nereida Lobo On Mission Trip to Ghana

The Queen has spent has last few days as Miss Africa USA working with children in the beautiful nation of<br>Read More &raquo;

Miss Africa USA Mission Trip To Ghana

Before Crowning her Successor, Queen Nereida Lobo is headed for the great historical nation of Ghana. She has worked very<br>Read More &raquo;

Natural Disaster in Sierra Leone: Queen Nereida Is On Hand To Help

Recently the City of Sierra Leone was hit by days and days of rainfall which led to excessive flooding in<br>Read More &raquo;

In Support of Her Pageant Sisters: Nereida Lobo, Special Guest at Miss Cameroon USA 2017

Invited as a special guest to the Miss Cameroon USA Pageant this July 2017, the queen was very honored to<br>Read More &raquo;

Miss Africa USA Nereida Lobo At United States Embassy in Cape Verde; Facing The Press

What an honor to be invited to the United States Embassy in Cape Verde, Miss Nereida Lobo had the opportunity<br>Read More &raquo;

Queen Nereida Lobo Making A Difference In Her Homeland, Cape Verde

w Hail to the Queen, she made it to her homeland after collecting and shipping hundreds of backpacks and school<br>Read More &raquo;

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