Queen Nereida Lobo, The Reigning Miss Africa USA, Becomes Brand Ambassador For Reel African Media.

Shortly after being Crowned Miss Africa USA 2016/17, Nereida Lobo received the honor of serving as the Brand Ambassador of Reel African.com a very powerful and dynamic Media group showcasing the very best of African drama and more. She will represent the Organization at several Events as a Brand Ambassador. She is honored to serve and uplift the image of Africa around the world and is also pleased with the Prize Offer that comes along with being a Brand Ambassador.

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“ReelAfrican is a content aggregator which is specialising in making quality African content available to audiences across the world. Our vision is to be the premier online destination for quality pan-African film & TV content across Africa and the world.

We believe in rewarding the producers, actors and musicians that are shaping Africa’s rapidly growing entertainment industry. ReelAfrican generates revenue for content owners and producers by running very short ads prior to and within content.

For content owners such as filmmakers and producers ReelAfrican is NOT an alternative to TV or DVD sales. Our platform is a supplemental option that helps content owners gain the best return on their content assets – all content on the ReelAfrican site is obtained legally and the site features zero boot-legged or pirated content.

We hope you enjoy finding and watching your favorite movies and TV shows.

Become a friend of ReelAfrican on Facebook – www.facebook.com/reelafrican – and Twitter – www.twitter.com/reelafrican – or drop us a line at feedback@reelafrican.com.”