1st lady of Cross River

The Miss Africa USA Pageant Organization is proud indeed to announce the honor bestowed upon the First Lady of Cross River State Nigeria, Her Excellency Mrs Obioma Liyel-Imoke in recognition of her relentless efforts in uplifting and empowering women and young girls in her State.  Her work has drawn the attention of the Pageant which shares similar goals and values.  Her Excellency will receive The Community Empowerment Award and she will also present an Award which has been named in her Honor to the newly crowned Miss Africa USA 2013.  She is a role model for women and it is our hope that she will extend her mentorship and leadership to young girls in America too.  Her Excellency Mrs Liyel-Imoke is also among the six distinctly accomplished and highly esteemed women leaders co-chairing the Miss Africa USA Pageant slated for June 29th 2013 at the Fillmore Theater in Silver Spring, Maryland.

The Pageant Organization is establishing strong ties with the First Lady to create long standing partnerships in the field of empowering and mentoring young African girls globally.

carnival queen




The First Lady’s entourage for the Pageant this year will include the reigning Calabar Carnival Queen Sophie Dijeh who was recently crowned in Calabar.  She is the Face of MACA (Mothers Against Child Abandonment) one of the Her Excellency’s  laudable initiatives fighting against teenage pregnancies and more.  The Queen will also be speaking about Tourism in Cross River State, Nigeria, as a Cultural Ambassador.  The Pageant team is excited about hosting Her Excellency and her entourage.


So Who is H. E. Obioma Liyel-Imoke?

Born on January 3 1963, to Dr Thaddeus and Mrs Grace Eziashi, startling qualities that shone through Obioma’s early years and schools she attended – All Saints Primary School, Federal Government College both in Enugu, and the University of Nigeria Enugu Campus, where she obtained her law degree were compassion, vibrancy, optimism and strong moral values.

As Wife of the Cross River State Governor and helpmeet to her husband, she’s launched initiatives that have positively impacted on women and children in the state. Partnership Opportunities for Women Empowerment Realisation (POWER) aimed at putting money in the hands of the Cross River State woman was launched in 2007. Alarmed by the high rate of abandoned babies on the streets of the serene city of Calabar, another initiative, Mothers against Child Abandonment (MACA) was launched that same year. The Carnival Queen (CCQ) pageant was also launched in 2007. The winner becomes the face of tourism in Cross River State as well as MACA.

In 2008, another initiative, A state fit for a child (ASFAC), was launched. The ASFAC initiative ushered the Destiny Child project in 2009. This ground breaking initiative saw the massive exodus of 54 children from the streets of Calabar to a much more comfortable environment. Today up to 150 children are being rehabilitated in the centre.

In line with the Inaugural International Widows Day initiative in 2011, which seeks to address and alleviate the suffering and pain of widows, Obioma launched the Giving Life Options to Widows Initiative (GLOW) in June 23 2012. Another project, Project Awake was also launched to promote sustainable economic development in communities through a gender focused intervention strategy. All of the above is a consequence of her promise to the Almighty God that if given the opportunity, she would be instrumental in alleviating the pain of vulnerable women and children.

Please Join us June 29th 2013 at the Filmore Theater in Silver Spring Maryland to Honor The brilliant and exceptional First Lady of Cross River State, Nigeria, Mrs Obioma Liyel-Imoke.