Malabo Orphanage: Queen Gigi, Miss Africa Delegates and a Host of American Celebrities Spend Quality Time with Orphans in Equatorial Guinea


A hearty moment for Queen Ghyslaine Tchouaga as she interacts and plays with an orphan child.

Set in the heart of the city,  Malabo, the Orphanage is spread over a vast part of the city with all the hussle and bussle around, people going about their business but inside the gates of this orphanage lies a peaceful and beautiful home for hundreds of children who rely  on the orphanage staff and the benevolence of Non Profit Organizations like the Leon H Sullivan Foundation for their well being.  They range from new borns to late teens.  The center also runs a school for the children and it is estimated that over 700 orphans around Malabo also attend school at this orphanage though they may live outside the orphanage in various communities that care for them.

The Orphanage which is run by Nuns and Reverend Sisters was recently renovated by the Leon H Sullivan Foundation in the run up to the IXth  Sullivan Summit in Malabo.  The Orphanage got a brand new basketball court and play  ground for the children, the entire facility was painted and refurbished to make it clean and safe for the children.  The Foundation also inaugurated a special Garden where 24 flowers were planted.  The Zion Garden named after the Zion Baptist Church where the Late Leon H Sullivan served for many many years and also significant because The Late Rev Sullivan’s Great Grand Son and grand son to Mrs Hope Sullivan Masters,  born this year in Atlanta Georgia is also named Zion.  This Garden therefore bears the seeds of greatness for the children who live in this orphanage year after year and enjoy the beauty of the Zion Garden.  It is a Legacy that will never be forgotten.

A day of  fun and games is the best way one can describe this extra-ordinary day in Malabo when delegates left the conference and headed out to the Orphanage just to give the children a time of their life. From New born to the teens, these children were clearly overwhelmed by the show of love and attention from all their guests who also felt very special to be with them.

Miss Africa USA Ghyslaine Tchouaga and a host of celebrities visited the children’s home just to show them love and play with them and make them feel so special.  The children received toys, back  to school supplies,  candies  and much more.  They enjoyed playing basket ball with Professional Basketballers  like retired NBA Star Theo Radcliffe who had flown in for the Summit.   Ms Terry Williams a highly rated Publicist in the United States was there playing with the children right through the evening.

Queen Gigi showing some love to the children at the Orphanage in Malabo, Equatorial Guinea.

Miss Ethiopia Meron Wudneh a college basketballer shares her basket ball skills with the little girls at the orphanage.

Meron said this was the best moment for her at the Summit,  sharing her skills as a professional basketballer with under privileged children.  She said she could not miss this opportunity for anything.  She never stopped smiling each time the subject of playing with the kids  at the orphanage came up.

Retired NBS super Star Theo Radcliffe was there to inaugurate this brand new basketball court for the children at the Malabo Orphanage, a noble gesture indeed.  He played basket ball with the little girls and boys at the orphanage.  The children received so many basket balls from the stars present,  it seemed like every child got a basket ball.  It will be no surprise that one of them will get to love the sport so much so that they too will become a star one day.  They  absolutely loved the sport.

Meeting Celebrity TV Show Producer from California Bentley Evans, he was there to give some love to the children at the Orphanage and expressed how special it was to be able to come out to Africa and be involved in such gestures of goodwill.  He was enjoying the Summit and the visit to the orphanage  was a nice evening out for him.

Lady Kate, the CEO of Miss Africa USA Pageant gets her special moment with a little princess whom she gave a little black Doll to.  Lady Kate who is a member of the Black Doll Affair in the United States was very touched to see that the little dolling girl loved her black doll so much.  This photo was sent to the Founder of The  Black Doll Affair in Atlanta Georgia to let her know that little black girls in Africa need Mama  Doll’s love.