Miss Africa USA 2012 Gigi Tchaouaga at American University Runway Fund Raiser to Support Her Project: Feed The Hunger Victims of The Horn of Africa. Event Organized by African Students Association of American U



















Miss Africa USA Ghyslaine Tchouaga was very honored to have been invited as a Guest of  Honor at the Strut Fashion Show organized by the African Students Association of American University in Washington DC. The event which took place in April was organized to raise funds to help with the crisis going on at the Horn of Africa Somalia where thousands of people including women and children and dying daily from starvation.  Some of the refugees fleeing hunger are in camps in Kenya while others remain in Somalia. Miss Africa USA Gigi Tchouaga is very passionate about the Somalia cause and as her platform project as Queen, she will be making a trip out there to help feed the hungry and support the dying.  The Strut Fashion Show event at American U is a step in the right direction in supporting Miss Africa USA in this journey to help make a difference in Somalia. Funds raised from this event are donated towards the Somalia cause.































The Students put up a very elegant fashion show for the evening and drew a very good crowd mostly students from different African countries and other International students as well. It was certainly a fun evening for the Queen, the guests and the entire team that put it all together. Queen Gigi appreciates the opportunity to meet and mingle with the students and share her platform for Somalia with all of them.  They also looked up to her as a role model and an inspiration.