Miss Africa USA, Fifi Soumah’s Debut at the 2011 F.A.C.E LIST Awards in New York City.

Queen Fatoumata Soumah Speaking at the 2011 F.A.C.E LIST Awards in New York City.

The Fascinating Africans Committed to Excellence Awards (F.A.C.E. List)

The Fascinating Africans Committed to Excellence Awards (FACE LIST) is the brain Child of FACE2FACE Africa, a media company highlighting the excellence of Africans world wide.  This is an annual event designed to honor Africans who are committed to excellence in their respective fields in an effort to contribute to the betterment of Africa’s image. A brighter Africa’s future is directly tied to the struggles of individuals who commit themselves to making Africa’s potential realized globally.

Face2face Africa believes that partnership and collaboration is one of the keys to restoring Africa’s image. For this reason, F2F Africa has chosen one non-for-profit organization that is contributing immensely to the development of the continent to be the beneficiary of a portion of the proceeds from the event.

Jewish Heart for Africa is the type of organization that Face2face Africa likes to partner with. This not for profit organization is committed to teaching Africans in villages who lack resources and education, the importance of being self-reliant. All of Jewish Heart for Africa’s initiatives are hands on and are geared to ensure that the local people learn how to create their own and be self sufficient from the process.

Queen Fifi Soumah and All Time African Star, Awilo Logumba at the 2011 F.A.C.E. LIST Awards in New York City.

The individuals who are being honored are the kind of people who will stop at nothing to be the flag bearers of Africa. They are our educators, our freedom fighters, our leaders, our culturists, our philanthropists, our artists and entertainers who have made a difference within the continent of Africa. Face2Face Africa seeks to ACKNOWLEDGE their hard work and commitment to enhancing Africa’s image with the F.A.C.E. List Awards.

Queen Fifi Soumah and Ghanaian Movie Star Jackie Appiah at the 2011 F.A.C.E. LIST Awards in New York City.

Queen Fifi Soumah and Princess Priscilla, 2nd Princess (Miss Africa Pagean 2010) attending the 2011 F.A.C.E. LIST Awards in New York City.

The mission of Jewish Heart for Africa is to bring sustainable Israeli technologies to rural African villages. The organization facilitates development in Africa using clean, alternative technologies in order to fight climate change, conserve water, and provide for sustainable economic development. The organization’s main projects include project soil, which installs Israeli solar panels to provide power to schools and clinics, and water pumping systems. Their other major project, Project Agro, uses innovative agricultural practices such as drip irrigation to make agriculture possible in regions of drought, providing food for villages and promoting eco- growth. The organization currently operates in Tanzania, Ethiopia, and Uganda and aspires to expand to other African countries.

For more information on Jewish Heart for Africa, visit: www.jhasol.org

Please also visit FACE2FACE  and learn more about the organization on their website. Simply click on the link below.