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Miss Africa USA Gets Her Own Office: An Awesome Gift Offered By IOSPACES.COM

A very happy Queen indeed, the newly crowned Miss Africa USA, France Udukwu who hails from Nigeria, Health Care Consultant and resident of Silver Spring Maryland was awarded a one year Office Space contract by IOSPACES.COM.  Miss Africa USA received her offer of free office space on Thursday October 16 2015 at the IOSPACES headquarters in Downtown Silver Spring, MD.
The contract includes not only an office to work from, she also gets full access to conference facilities and access to a huge network of resources that she can leverage and draw expertise to support various programs she will be leading as the reigning Queen of Africa in America.
Queen and Co-Founder of IOSPACES.COM Mr. Leslie Tita  a handshake that opens many doors.
IOSPACES is an innovative Shared Office Space concept that was founded by two very dynamic Cameroonian Americas, Dr. Rebecca Enonchong and Mr. Leslie Tita, with a purpose of supporting small business start ups and building the entrepreneurial spirit in the community. As well as providing shared office space at very affordable rates, IOSPACES also provides its members with resources and a large network of expertise to leverage for business development.  They hosts several networking events each year for its members and for the community at large.  To learn more about IOSPACES.COM please visit
The Queen, Frances Udukwu also received an Award of Recognition as a young female role model leading her generation.
Queen Frances’s Platform for the Pageant is to encourage female Entrepreneurs in Africa and The United States of America.  This gift comes as a blessing because IOSPACES was founded on the basis of assisting Small Business Start Ups by providing shared office space to cut down the costs for Small businesses and encourage growth.  The Queen is certainly please with her gift and will use the opportunity to further promote IOSPACES by encouraging Women who are starting up a business or Non Profit Organizations to take advantage of the great opportunities that IOSPACES.COM has to offer.
Queen Frances Udukwu checking out her new office and its amazing facilities.
Miss Africa USA Frances Udukwu was accompanied by Her First Princess of the Royal Court of Miss Africa USA, Fatoumata Sy who hails from The Republic of Guinea.  Princess Fatoumata was given the honor of popping the champagne for the Queen in appreciation of this great gift from IOSPACES.COM
And of course BIG THUMBS UP!!!!!! Both Lady Kate Ndi, Founder of Miss Africa USA and Mr. Leslie Tita Co-Founder of IOSPACES.COM were very happy with the deal and looking forward to an exciting and productive year for the Queen.
To Learn More about IOPACES.COM, please visit the Website  You can sign up to become a member and take advantage of the great offer of an office space and a network of entrepreneurs and resources to help you get your business off the ground in a more affordable way.
Once more, a big Thank you to for being a very proud sponsor of Miss Africa USA Pageant