Marlon D’wayne, aka Marlon Campbell to Co Host the 4th Annual Miss Africa USA Scholarship Pageant.

(OPENPRESS) October 27, 2008 — With much of the nation’s attention duly focused on finances and how the upcoming elections will affect the country’s future, movie producer Marlon D’wayne, aka Marlon Campbell is responding by serving families and communities throughout the country. Marlon D’wayne announced his dual role as Humanitarian Ambassador to the Millenia Hope Foundation and Good Will Ambassador for the African Women’s Development Foundation, official producers of the Miss Africa USA Scholarship Pageant. On Saturday November 1, 2008 Marlon D’wayne and Miss Alaska 1984, Maryline Blackburn will host The 4th Annual Miss Africa USA Scholarship Pageant, at the Clayton County Performing Arts Center in Jonesboro, Georgia.

President and CEO of the African Women’s Development, and also the executive producer of The 4th Annual Miss Africa USA Scholarship Pageant is Lady Kate Njeuma. The Miss Africa USA Pageant is open to delegates from all 53 countries that make up the continent of Africa, the motherland. Pageant delegates are simply ordinary women of African descent living in America and facing every day challenges of growing up in two different cultures. Each year a strong team of volunteers and supporters of the pageant from the community commit time and effort to make the pageant a great success. This years Annual Miss Africa USA Pageant proceeds will benefit women and children in Education, Healthcare and children’s Rights in Africa and the USA.

As Ambassador to The Millenia Hope Foundation, and Good Will Ambassador to African Women’s Foundation, Marlon D’wayne will assist the private foundation with a global mission of supporting indigenous people who have contracted tropical infectious diseases, in particular, AIDS, and Malaria. Millenia Hope Foundation addresses the distresses of undeveloped countries. Presently, Africa.

“I am in complete agreement with the process of self-actualization of the African people to determine their own destiny. The goals of MHF, is to first raise funds for the needy, the impoverished, the dehydrated and the sick of Africa. Secondly, provide medical and educational help, medicine, medical supplies, water, pumps and filtration systems, educational supplies and services. Thirdly, teach them how to become self sustaining in this beautiful world of ours. The mission of Millenia Hope is so exact for humanity and perfectly suits the objectives of the UN’s Millenia Development goals. The team at Millenia Hope is committed to research and development to deliver on global medical needs and to bring hope through healthcare solutions. I am honored to be a part of both the MHP and ADF.” Marlon D’wayne, states.

Marlon D’wayne is currently gearing up for his highly anticipated major motion picture film Oblivious. With an impressive cast including actor Bokeem Woodbine, Micheal B. Jordan, Lauren Barrett, Eric Martinez, Sahara Garey, the film is scheduled for a summer 2009 release.
ABOUT: Millenia Hope Foundation (MHF) is a non-for-profit organization established in 2004. Through national and international collaboration and partnerships, MHF acts as a catalyst for realizing the full potential of therapeutic healing for various tropical diseases such as Malaria. MHF, now has access to products that may greatly lessen the burden and eliminate an enormous toll on human health, well being and the economies of various southern continents.

The Annual Miss Africa USA Scholarship Pageant is founded on the basis of advancing the cause for women of African descent. The Pageant which was previously produced by the Shrine of Africa LLC is a charity event for the community, uniting Africans and friends of Africa in celebrating the African cultural heritage in this great nation of The United States of America. The Miss Africa USA Pageant is now managed and produced by African Women’s Development Foundation Inc (AWDF Inc), a 501c-3-nonprofit organization headquartered in the State of Georgia. The Mission of the AWDF is based on giving back to humanity especially in Africa where need cannot be over emphasized.
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