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Queen Frances Udukwu Shares Her Vision With National Media in The Gambia

One of the reigning Pageants in the universe today is Frances Udukwu, Queen, Miss Africa USA. She and Lady Kate, founder of Miss Africa USA recently met The Gambian Vice President and Minister of Women’s Affairs, Her Excellency Aja Dr Isatou Njie-Saidy in Washington at the last 7th African Leadership Magazine Award Summit.


As current Miss Africa USA, my platform is to raise awareness about the issue of unemployment within sub-Saharan Africa by promoting entrepreneurship and vocational education amongst girls ages 18-35.

Limited attention has been paid to investing in female entrepreneurs who have the greatest potential to create large enterprises. As Miss Africa USA, 2015/2016, my vision to mobilize African women and girls in the entrepreneurial and vocational education space, will not only motivate and encourage them to thrive business-wise, but will also motivate and encourage our nations’ leaders to create more enabling environments for our women and girls  in which, their full participation in the development of Africa is leveraged. And, in terms of nurturing, my vision will teach the young women and girls in The Gambia, South Africa or Nigeria to eventually ‘pave it forward’ so that those after them may also have the opportunity to thrive and essentially grow Africa’s economy.

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