African American Beauty Tips

African American beauty tips

Pageants such as Miss Africa USA and The Miss Black USA Scholarship Pageant, give young African women the chance to stun the judges and the audience with their beauty, charisma and talents.

If you love going to beauty pageants and admiring the contestants gorgeous dresses, hairstyles and make up, then this blog post will show you some useful beauty tips which will help you get that glamorous pageant look. So why not pause your game of cheeky bingo or chess and check out some of the beauty tips below?

As you would have noticed, the contestants in the pageant always have smooth and flawless skin – but how to they achieve this? African women tend to have sensitive, oily skin which scars easily. This is why it’s best to avoid powdery make up as this looks chalky and ashy on darker complexions. Instead, use oil reduction products and light moisturisers to even out your skin tone and make it look smooth and clear.

Mousse foundations are also an excellent choice as they are quite light and create a flawless ‘matte’ look, as well as ridding the skin of any shiny spots.

You will notice that the make up used on the contestants is glitzy and glamorous, yet subtle and flattering at the same time. Wearing too much make up hides your true beauty, so try and only use make up to gently enhance your features. Remember to downplay overly prominent features and focus on the upper third of the face.

You probably wonder how the contestant’s make up always manages to stay on and look perfect hours at a time. If you want your make up to last longer then you might think that applying oil based products helps the make up to stick better to your face, but sadly this is a myth. Instead, even out your skin tone by wearing concealer and a tinted moisturiser. Pick a foundation tone which is between the lightest and darkest coloring of your skin.